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Matteo Rovere

Matteo Rovere

Movies director and producer

Groenlandia group

I had the pleasure of working with Andrea on the set of "The First King", and I found in him not only a professional and a virtuoso of his sector, but above all a boy who knew how to transform manual skills and passion into art, without having never lost that game component that gives life and substance to his (and our) profession.

He constantly tries to improve himself by learning and experimenting with increasingly advanced techniques and materials, with incredible results.

He plays with the spectator putting him in the condition of not being able to distinguish the true from the false: his creations are one step away from taking life in front of our eyes.

Matt Winston

Co-Founder Stan Winston School of Character Arts

When it comes to character creation and makeup fx, Andrea Leanza can do it all, and at a very high level. From concept design to lab work, and all the way to final application, Andrea brings commitment and passion to everything he does


David Martì

Co-owner of
DDT efectos especiales

I have known Andre for years and he always had that magic for this field.
The passion and the savoir faire that he has is among the greatest.
We have worked together and I can say that he is that kind of wizard who can make everything possible.
No matter if it is a sculpture, a mold, a denture, eyes, paint or application of prosthetics.
From human to monsters, specially his beloved dinosaurs, he puts his soul on it and you can say it by the results of his work!
I can’t wait to work again together, because on top of everything, his friendship and good vibes are priceless.

Joe Nazzaro

Author and journalist


Andrea Leanza is part of the next generation of makeup FX artists, whose love and enthusiasm for the industry is obvious in every project they work on

Mark Keshishian

Andrea's student

Andrea is the man!!!

I have known him since I was twelve, not only is he an incredible teacher but a wonderful person. I learned so much thanks to him and we have developed a great friendship. I will never forget my first few lessons with Andrea, he takes you through the basics and expands from there. I only have good things to say and whether you are a beginner or a pro, I am sure there is something Andrea can teach you!

I strongly recommend Andrea Leanza's professional courses!

Andrea does amazing and beautiful work. I have silicone mask and prosthetics from him and they are display worthy. Absolutely amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail. Highly recommended.

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