2009 Pencil and watercolors. I was up on the dolomites mountains in italy, so the landscape is a real one I had in front of me...the dragon, well, that was in my head ;)

2009 Pencil and watercolors

2007 Dracorex hogwartsia, study sketches

2009 Alien Pencil and watercolor sketch

2008 Werewolf, pencil

2008 Werewolf / wolfman, pencil

2008 Vampire, pencil

2008 Study, pencil

2008 T-rex, pencil

2007 Old ageing, pencil sketch over photocopy

2007 Ape girl, pencil

2007 Lambeosaurus, pencil

2005 Parasaurolophus, markers

2005 Parasaurolophus head, quick pen sketches

2001 Compsognathus, pencil

2001 Compsognathus, pencil

2001 Promarkers Velociraptors sketch

2008 Sketch for a theme park gate, pencil

2008 Sketch for a theme park gate, pencil

2008 Sketch for a theme park gate, pencil

2001 Camptosaurus neck positions sketch

1998 Inspired by Mark "Crash" Mc Creery. Oil pastels on cardboard.

1998 Study for AVIS logo (italian blood donation association) Acrylics

1999 From life portrait

1998 Copy from life, crayons

1998 Copy from life, crayons

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Make-up & Prosthetics design, Special make-up effects, Creatures, Sculpture, Mouldmaking, Painting, Lifecasting, Prototyping, Scientific Reconstruction, Special Props & Costumes...
...anything creative you may need, just ask!