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2021 David di Donatello - AWARD for best makeup

shared with Federica Castelli and Luigi Ciminelli - for Gianni Amelio's movie "Hammamet"

2021 CNA Chioma di Berenice - AWARD for best make-up

for Gianni Amelio's movie "Hammamet"

2020 David di Donatello - NOMINATION for best make-up

shared with Roberto Pastore, Lorenzo Tamburini, Valentina Visintin - for Matteo Rovere's movie "Il Primo Re" (Romulus & Remus, The first king)

2012 Diamond makeup - AWARD

to Andrea Leanza as standing out sample for young generation in makeup field in Italy




2020 Veneciaphrenia (make-up & prosthetics design)

2020 A Classic Horror Story (make-up, masks, special props & prosthetics design)

2019 Supereroi (prosthetics design and application, pregnant belly for Jasmine Trinca)

2019 Hammamet (prosthetic make-up design and application)

2019 Aquile Randagie - Fight Like Eagles (blood fx supervisor)

2019 Il Traditore - The traitor (key prosthetic make-up artist for Lorenzo Tamburini)

2018 La befana vien di notte - The legend of the Christmas witch - (prosthetic make-up artist / sculptor for Lorenzo Tamburini)

2018 His house (key painter, dental technician for DDT efectos especiales)

2018 Amundsen (prosthetic sculptor and make-up artist, for The Makeup Designers)
2018 Il primo re – Romulus & Remus, The first king

(makeup and prosthetics supervisor/makeup designer, co-leading with colleagues Pastore, Tamburini, Visintin)
2018 Suspiria (prosthetic make-up artist for Coulier Creatures FX) (props maker)
2018 The Titan (prosthetic sculptor for Millennium FX)
2017 Looking for Oum Kulthum (prosthetics key sculptor for Valentina Visintin)

2016 Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (stunt fire masks/gloves painter for Coulier Creatures FX - uncredited)
2016 Resident evil: the final chapter (key prosthetics sculptor/applicator for Cosmesis)
2016 La pelle dell'orso - On the trail of my father (makeup HoD/prosthetics designer)
2016 Ben-Hur (prosthetics sculptor for Lorenzo Tamburini)
2016 The last face - Il tuo ultimo sguardo (prosthetic sculptor/painter/on-set applicator key artist for Cosmesis)
2015 In the heart of the sea (prosthetic sculptor for Coulier Creatures FX - uncredited)

2015 Il racconto dei racconti - Tale of Tales (creature effects lead artist and co-supervisor for Makinarium) (prosthetics crew: mould making, painting, silicone running for Makinarium)
2014 Dracula untold (prosthetic sculptor for Coulier Creatures FX)
2014 The Grand Budapest Hotel (prosthetic sculptor for Coulier Creatures FX- uncredited)

2013 Kick-Ass 2 (bull shark designer / key sculptor for Lifecast ltd)
2013 World War Z (prosthetic sculptor, mouldmaker, painter, on-set makeup artist for Coulier Creatures FX)

2007 Los Mejores Sentimientos - I migliori sentimenti (prosthetics and animal effects co-supervisor/key artist)
2006 Schopenhauer (special make-up FX artist)



2019/2020 Netflix Italia "Curon" (Prosthetics & special props designer/H.o.d.)

2013 BBC's Atlantis (prosthetic sculptor for Coulier Creatures FX)

2012 Channel 4's Coming Up: Camouflage (prosthetics sculptor for Lifecast ltd)

2012-2013 BBC's Dr. Who
- The crimson horror (painter for Millennium FX)
- Cold war (sculptor, painter, fabricator for Millennium FX)
- Dinosaurs on a spaceship (Key sculptor, key painter for Millennium FX)

2012 BBC's Merlin

- The Diamond of the day (creature effects sculptor, mould maker for Coulier Creatures FX)

2012 BBC's Wizards vs. Aliens (mouldmaker/key painter for Millennium FX)
2009-2011 Mtv italia's I soliti idioti – season 1, 2, 3 (prosthetic designer, key makeup artist, co-supervisor)

2006 Italia1 Sputnik (special make-up artist)



2016 Queen Kong (prosthetics designer/sculptor)
2009 Ice Scream (prosthetic and special make-up FX designer)



2017 Giorgia, Marco Mengoni “Come neve” (special make-up FX designer)

2011 Musteeno “Sacra Scrittura” (prosthetic designer)


2009 Discovery channel's Monsters Resurrected
- Spinosaurus (sculptor creature maker)



2020 NeN Energia (Alien sculpture and mouldmaking for VIVAfx)

2019 AUDI "A.i.nnoying" worldwide campaign (butler droid's make-up and hair designer)

2017 Min Doktor (prosthetics key artist/sculptor/mouldmaker/painter/denture maker/fabricator/on-set applicator for Effektstudion)

2012 Mentos UP2U (prosthetic sculptor for Millennium FX)

2006-2011 Dinosauri in carne e ossa (exhibition) (art supervisor/lead artist for Geomodel)

2006 Sky Italia's Halloween horror nights (prosthetics key sculptor/mouldmaker/on-set applicator)

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