SPINOSAURUS aegyptiacus - 2007-2010

life size sculpture (17mt long).

Produced by: Mauro Scaggiante's GEOMODEL
Scientific supervision: palaeontologists Simone Maganuco & Cristiano Dal Sasso from Natural History Museum of Milan.
Art supervisor / Lead artist: Andrea Leanza
Body design and 3D "Clay tools" sculpture: Davide Bonadonna.
Physical head sculpture: Andrea Leanza
Body skin texture design: Andrea Leanza
Skin texture water-clay sculpture: Andrea Leanza, Antonio "Toni" Massari, Carlà Chassang-Di Marco, Roberto Mestroni
Painting: Andrea Leanza, Antonio "Toni" Massari
Head silicone mold: Roberto Mestroni, Andrea Leanza, Antonio "Toni" Massari, Mauro Scaggiante
Body fiberglass mould, cast, finishing: Mauro Scaggiante, Antonio "Toni" Massari, Dimitri "Dima" Bita, Mara Scaggiante, Gabriele Dovico, Matteo Pizzato

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